How can I arrange to go on a tour of JPL?

JPL tours are conducted regularly by the Public Services Office. For more information, please visit their website.

Does JPL have a gift shop that sells souvenirs, space-oriented gifts, etc.?

The JPL Store sells souvenirs, gifts, etc., and accepts mail orders. Since it is located on the Laboratory's premises, special arrangement must be made to visit it. For more information, call (818) 354-6120 or visit the JPL Store website.

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How can I apply to work at JPL?

You can get information about currently open positions on the employment opportunities web site.

I'm a college student and am interested in JPL internships. How can I get information on these programs?

Information on JPL student programs is available on the employment opportunities web site or by calling the Staffing and Student Program Office at 818-354-5150.
You can find information on the following programs:

JPL's Summer Program -- Summer internships for students

Academic Part-Time Program -- Part-time jobs while students attend school

Cooperative Education Program -- Three- and six-month technical positions while students are on leave from school

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Where can I obtain pictures from JPL missions?

Most pictures from JPL missions are available on the web free. To find images, visit the Space Images website or Planetary Photojournal.

What is the image policy for JPL images?

Visit the Image Use Policy page to read the policy.

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How can I obtain JPL technical documents?

Many externally released JPL technical documents are available on the JPL Technical Report Server at or the NASA Technical Report Server at . For help finding other documents and reports you may contact the JPL Library.


Phone: (818)354-4200
FAX: (818)393-6752

I've heard that JPL has a computer site that offers ephemerides, technical files with information on the motions of the planets and moons. Where do I find that?

JPL's ephemerides and other physical parameters for solar system bodies (planets, natural satellites, asteroids and comets) are available on the Solar System Dynamics web page.

You can also visit JPL's Solar System Simulator to view planets from different times and places.

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