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NASA Media Contacts & Information

Media Email List

To sign up for JPL's media email list, which includes media advisories, news releases and selected feature stories, email the JPL News Chief.

JPL Video Assets

A full catalog and ordering instructions for existing videos and B-roll is available at Selected video clips, including interviews, animations, and b-roll are available for media use at the "JPL Raw" Vimeo and YouTube channels: and

For questions about the available videos, contact Elena Mejia, Imaging & Social Media Specialist (818-354-1712,

Media Usage Policies

Images, video and other media published by JPL are subject to JPL's image use policy. JPL does not issue image/video permissions on an individual basis. For additional information about using NASA multimedia assets see NASA media usage guidelines.

Media Interviews and Visits

JPL is located at 4800 Oak Grove Dr., Pasadena, CA 91109. (Map and directions to JPL)

Entertainment, documentary and commercial television productions -- Before your visit to JPL can be arranged, you must contact Bert Ulrich, Multimedia Liaison at NASA Headquarters in Washington (202-358-1713, Provide a brief synopsis of your project and a script or treatment if possible. He must approve visits to NASA facilities for filming video productions. We require confirmation from the company with whom you've contracted, stating that you have a contract or assignment with them to film at JPL.

Reporters and News Crews We have numerous experts available for interview.  Please contact the media relations representative who best represents the topic of your story. If you are unsure, call the main office number and we will assist you.  Our media representatives will work with you to arrange interviews by phone or in person, and can you assist with video b-roll and imagery requests. 

We have established the following guidelines for on-site interviews and visits.  Our first priority is our scientists' and engineers' work. We ask that you cooperate with their limits. This includes respecting the designated areas for filming and honoring their busy schedules.  Last-minute schedule changes often cannot be accommodated. 

The JPL Media Relations Office will be in charge of setting up the schedule, including the location and duration of the shoot. Phone or scouting interviews are also allowed, and need to be coordinated in advance with JPL media relations staff

To begin the process of clearing your visit with JPL security, we need to know the name and nationality of each crew member. If a crew member is not a U.S. citizen, we will request additional information.

JPL Visitor Request Information

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your start time with your government-issued identification, in order to be checked in. U.S. citizens must present a valid driver's license or ID card when checking in. Non-citizens need to have their passport and visa, or resident alien cards with them. No one will be admitted to JPL without proper identification.

No children or other non-working family members may accompany the crew.

Please make an effort to streamline your setup times and equipment transport; the itinerary is fixed, and experts will not be available after their scheduled times. Most JPL staff leave the laboratory around 4:30 p.m., so plan to be packed up by 5 p.m. We'll establish a schedule designed to help the day go smoothly for you and the JPL employees you're here to work with.

You may bring 1 equipment truck at most onto JPL property, with clearance from security obtained by JPL media relations. Parking is very tight, so be aware that you may be asked during the shoot to move your vehicle.

You must inform us how much time it will take for the crew to set up lights and cameras. Please overestimate and take into account the time it will take to travel around JPL's campus-like facility. We may not be able to accommodate requests for extraordinarily long setup times.

You will be escorted all day by representative(s) of JPL media relations -- not necessarily the same person who arranged your interview. The entire crew must be within sight of your escort at all times. If you must change a scheduled element of your visit, check with the media relations rep who planned the visit with you. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate last-minute schedule changes.